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The real name
What's the real name of Don Quichote ?

A few different 'names' as which Don Quichote is known:

> Don Quixot
> Don Quixote
> Don Quijote
> Don Quishote
> Donkisot
> Don Quichote

But what's the real one ?

By Wikipedia:

"Quixote is the original spelling in medieval Castilian, and is used in English. However, modern Spanish has since gone through spelling reforms and phonetic changes which have turned the x into j.

The x was pronounced like an English sh sound in mediaeval times—/kiˈʃote/ in the International Phonetic Alphabet—and this is reflected in the French name Don Quichotte. However, such words (now virtually all spelt with a j) are now pronounced as a voiceless velar fricative sound like the Scottish or German ch (as in Loch, Bach) or the Greek Chi (χ)—/kiˈxote/. English speakers generally attempt something close to the modern Spanish pronunciation when saying Quixote/Quijote, although more Anglicized pronunciations of "Don Quixote" often sound more like "Donkey Hotey" or "Don Quicks Oat" or even "Donk Quitz Olt"."


Donquichote learn about in Spain Spanish
The real name
Donquichote learn about in Spain Spanish